Life Skills for Success

Improving your own life skills is among one of the hardest ‘work’ there is and it’s one that never ends. However, achieving success in any area of your life will always be unreachable unless and until you master the basic qualities and life skills.

The Right Skills Institute is excited to invite you to a FREE personal development workshop called „The five most important life skills to help create a better life.”

In this practical two-hour seminar, the life coaches of Right Skills Institute will give you the tools to improve the following skills:

• Self-Confidence • People skills • Self-discipline • The ability to focus • Thinking skills

In addition to learning about the five most important life skills, at the end of the seminar you will have an action plan on how to start doing it NOW.

The workshop takes place on the 11th of September from 6pm to 8pm. Location: Av. General Lopez Dominguez, Edf. Puerto Azul 2ª, Marbella.

Don’t miss the chance to improve your life skills and get your FREE ticket now!