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No business can exist without customers and no business can grow or prosper without a sales pipeline and a continuous stream of customers. Prospecting is one of the most important skills in professional selling and it’s mandatory to learn this skill. In this audio book you will learn everything you need to know to master this skill and set the standard for prospecting that others will have to follow.

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Right Skills Institute is a personal education institute that helps you to develop the right skills for whatever it is in life you want to do. Whether you want to improve your life skills like communication and speaking or professional skills like sales training and business development, Right Skills Institute will help you combine the right skill set for you.

David Kelly is an entrepreneur, an expert motivator and a highly successful sales professional who has been travelling the world during his working life selling mostly on the international stage for the last 40 years.

He, has been extremely successful in his sales career selling tens of millions of pounds of both products and services including the sales of franchise businesses to individuals and country master licenses.

He is very experienced in business 2 business and business to consumer sales running sales teams in multiple countries, teaching, coaching and mentoring all levels of sales personnel. David has also had his share of failures and there are no harder lessons learned than from your failures and set-backs.

That’s why David is ideally placed to teach both the successful methods he knows works and to teach everyone how to avoid the failures and set-back he has encountered in over 40 years of face to face selling, marketing and conducting business in more that 30 countries.
Moreover, his experience in product design and product development together with businesses start-up expertise including the successful sales of established businesses make him a great candidate to teach.
A great teacher and mentor able to educate those who are just starting out on their journey and need the knowledge to succeed whether that’s in their own business or indeed their individual sales careers.


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