About Us

Our Story 1

Our Story

A team with right skills

The Right Skills Institute is a personal education institution that specializes in helping you to develop the right skills for whatever it is you want to do. From teaching basic life skills like communication, thinking and speaking skills to advanced sales training, digital marketing and business development, we are here to help you learn and combine the right skill set to help you achieve your personal aspirations in life. The Right Skills Institute assists you on your personal growth journey through sharing our experience and knowledge while teaching our unique philosophy for success in any endeavor.

Our Methodology 2

Our Methodology

Strategic teaching for easier learning

Our philosophy is helping people develop the right skills that are important for all further personal development and growth. We focus on the basics, making the best of each persons’ unique skill set, starting with self-confidence, improving people skills, self-discipline, critical and creative thinking skills. We have developed and continue to develop a unique way of teaching based on practical working principles that concentrates on the need for people to develop a sense of service, caring for each other, with the ability to be able to demonstrate empathy and understanding of each other’s wants and needs. We firmly believe that everybody has the right to become better and so our goal is to achieve ‘better’ for everyone we come into contact with.

Our Goal 3

Our Goal

Why we do, what we do

We want people to know that personal development is no longer a luxury in today’s world and is now a personal necessity as the world is changing so fast. People need to be constantly updating their skills and the only way to do that is to keep learning. At the Right Skills Institute we know that our circumstances don’t change for us until we change and if we want our life to be better “We” have to get better. We also believe that better is simply not good enough anymore as we need to take the next step and become the best version of ourselves.