Do you have the Right Skills?

Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.

We help you to change your life through developing the right skills to achieve your goals.



Personal development has no expiration date and is a life long pursuit. Your have to decide what skills you need in order to achieve the goals you have set for your life.

The Right Skills Institute invites you to start your personal development journey today with our mentorship course where your will acquire the skills you need to create the life you want.



It doesn’t matter what business you’re in if you want your business to be successful, or to reach its maximum potential you need the right people with the right skills doing the rights jobs.

Any business that can achieve this performance level is destined to succeed and that’s why every company should be interested in the personal growth, mentoring and the upskilling of all it’s employees.


So many paths to acquiring the skills you need

So many ways for you to learn at your convenience!


Individual and customised group coaching for personal development, sales training, customer care and leadership roles. Hands on training with follow up practical exercises to consolidate the training.


A mentoring session is a special experience given by someone who has done what you are trying to do and not only knows how to do it but can help you avoid the costly mistakes you could make when you attempt it alone.


We are currently running seminars in various parts of Europe where we train companies and individuals with our unique teaching philosophy to acquire the right skills.


Weekly state of the art virtual workshops on many differing topics, making it so easy and convenient to attend and to learn right from your desk or the table in your living room. When it’s this easy there is no excuse for lacking knowledge and acquiring new skills.


To acquire the right skills, you need the right course and you can choose from our many and varied courses on Sales Training, internal and external selling, technical sales courses, Customer service courses, personal development courses, leadership and management courses and much more.


The right skills institute are producing many different audio books to make it easy to listen and learn, as repetition is the mother of all learning. Whether you are in the car, or on vacation at the beach the knowledge and expertise you need to learn comes to you in the most easy format so you can absorb what it is you that you need to learn.

Everybody has skills
but not everybody has the right skills!


Sales Mastery Weekend Seminar

Don’t miss this chance and take part in our 2-day Weekend sales mastery seminar in the beautiful city of Marbella, where you will discover the seven most important qualities for sales mastery and more importantly how can acquire them in order to become a top sales professional and turbo-charge your income.

This weekend course you will start you on the road to truly great achievements in your sales career and your personal life by not only teaching you what to do but creating a personal plan together with you.

This customized action plan will dramatically improve your sales performance and make sure you leave the course with the right skills to do whatever it is you want to do in sales.

Don’t delay, courses are selling out fast.

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How to become a “Sales Magnet”

The Right Skills Institute sales master class will not only change your selling career but literally change your life by quadrupling your earning potential.

Weekend Seminar

Join the revolution. Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Motivation is what gets you started, will is what keeps you going

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